Mission and Operational Objectives



Welcoming you, the Dean and Boards of the Institute invite you to be part of a meaningful alternative in education, researched in theory and applied in practice.  Called non-traditional, it  innovatively provides learning opportunities at all levels with a difference  and without lessening educational /academic rigours or watering down the standards to which attainments should be achieved.  So we hope what you will find in this site will be compelling enough for you to enroll with us presently.

If you are part of our central Further and Higher Education programme,, you will have opportunity to work in one or more of the other programmes while pursuing your own goals.   With more strengths than weaknesses to offer you in the process, there is far more to gain in it than could be lost. The system facilitates this especially if you are disadvantaged in any way and even if you could only give partial commitment to it.  We look forward to hearing from you and to receiving you on board to build a prospective future together.


Methods Range




Essay, dissertation

Thesis Writing

Project Work


Supervised Study


Online Study



Continuous Assessment

Self Assessment

Discovery Learning

Open Learning

Non-Traditional Education

Inter-Disciplinary Approaches

All-St/age Education

Flexible Learning


Work-based Learning

Workplace opportunities

Home-based Study

Full job market


Objective study

academic excellence/freedom

Independent study

and research

Clear teaching/learning


Negotiated/structured programmes

Pragmatic commitment to a programme of education in the community which pays particular attention to situations out of which learning difficulties arise

Enduring learning partnerships

Effectively supportive machinery

In/formal learning experience

Founded in 1983, this institution puts the theory of

non-traditional education

into practice with

innovative developments,

for teaching and training at all learning and study levels, centrally focussing on

Further and Higher Education,

so as to achieve education for all  and equality of opportunity

Its founding ethos being broadly-based in secular and religious aims,

it upholds all commonly held values and ideals.

Acknowledging both the

historical/constitutional centrality of Christianity and the integrated diversity

current in the UK with different belief/non-belief systems,

its policies are wholly non-discriminatory.

with a view to building an egalitarian society

with respect for and acceptance of all.

Providing opportunities by which to achieve a balance in our communities

     through the education system, we

learn and/or earn

particularly if we are disadvantaged in any way

Full potential attainment to highest possible standards

Diversification of knowledge arcade and  transferable skills set

Flexible learning/ working environments

The Dean & Director